Once upon a time, I was an athlete.  But that seems like so long ago.

I grew up in a family of basketball players.  My dad and uncles played for teams that went to state in high school, played in college, and one was a high school boys basketball coach for a number of years.  I remember playing as early as second grade and it was probably even earlier than that.  I continued to enjoy basketball until high school when my already shaky self esteem let me down.  An incident where I took some criticism to heart led to me completely quit what I had grown to love.  Basketball wasn’t the only sport I played, but it was the only sport I was playing in high school.  In the past, I had played volleyball and swam competitively.  If the coaches had their way, I would’ve done shot-put and discus for the track team.  I was strong and my body responded well during basketball strength and conditioning; the coaches pleaded with me to join the track team and the only thing that stopped me?  I did not want to run.

Since college, I have grown to idolize runners – their long and lean muscles, techy running gear, the racing community and dedication to their sport – rain, heat, snow, or shine.  I jumped on the running bandwagon in 2006.  I thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor runs – it was the only time during the day that I really had time to think and sort out things in my head.  I discovered a new appreciation for my surroundings and was very observant on those runs.  In 2007, I threw the outdoor runs aside and took to the treadmill to lose weight.  I managed to lose about 35 lbs. doing high intensity interval training in addition to cleaning up my diet – but I hated every minute of it.  For me, treadmill runs were brutal and mundane and that phase didn’t last long.

I found kettlebells in May of 2010 and have been a very loyal fan 🙂  Up until this point, I haven’t felt the urge to run because kettlebell training encompasses both cardio and strength training and burns up to 20 calories per minute .  Kettlebell training has enabled me to tap into potential that I caught brief glimpses of in high school.  I unknowingly stumbled into an amazing community of like-minded people, which is exactly what I was craving when I set out to be a runner.  I truly have found my niche; I’m training for an insanely difficult instructor certification, I have found discipline, and I continue to surprise myself daily with my mental and physical strength.

With that said, I went for a run tonight (first since I started with kettlebells).  It was 98 degrees outside, very humid and very windy.  I set out for my usual two-mile route in my neighborhood with the same playlist that I used to run to.  I’m happy to say that even with doing run/walk intervals, I managed to shave a good 10 minutes off my best time from 2009-2010.  Thank you kettlebells for improving my strength, my speed, and my power.  I am proud to say I move better, I feel better, I perform better, I look better!


Hot on the heels of the Sexy for Summer Challenge, I’ve decided to embrace the momentum I’ve got going and continue my own personal challenge through the Fourth of July.

I ran across a post by Alwyn Cosgrove that discusses keeping yourself accountable throughout the summer and how the major holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day) are natural times to set goals since most of us desire a certain look for the warm months.  Coincidentally, several of my favorite bloggers read Cosgrove’s stuff too and have started their own challenges – Jenn at Girl Heros calls hers “Fit(er) by the Fourth” and I wanna play!

With that said, here is what the next 4-5 weeks will look like:


I am continuing to work out at SGHP for kettlebell classes but need to really hit the RKC prep hard during this challenge.  Right now I am resting during off week so *hopefully* I come back injury free, feeling great, and ready to tackle these next five weeks.

To supplement my kettlebell bootcamp classes, I am following a training program from Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell book called the Rite of Passage (think press ladders and a ton of kb snatches).  I’ll be sure to add some updates in a few weeks – I’m curious to see what happens with the additional training.

M-Kettlebell Class
W- Kettlebell Class
T- Kettlebell Class
S- ETK ROP/Kettlebell Class
S- Rest


I really enjoy the principles of Precision Nutrition and carb timing really works for my body so I will probably stick with that.  In short, I plan to eat 5-6 small meals, each containing a full serving of vegetables.  I will save starchy carbs for post-workout and cut out all refined carbs, fried, and sugary stuff entirely.   I might play around with some other supplemental nutritional things, but the jury is still out on that one.  I’ve received some requests lately to post what I eat, so be on the lookout for that and a few book reviews soon!  Lots to talk about around here lately! 🙂

Challenge Goals:

1) Stay 90% compliant to my nutritional plan
2) Consistently lose body fat each week
3) Press 24kg for reps – can currently do singles on each side 🙂
4) Weekly snatch tests
5) Flexed-arm hang for as long as possible (goal: 15 sec+)
5) Finally drop below 200 lbs. for the first time in…3-4 years?

First things first – our team did not win the $1000 prize for the Sexy for Summer Challenge, but I did kick my husband’s butt and manage to lose quite a bit of fat in five weeks! 🙂  I think I’ll take it!

Here’s a quick recap:

Goal 1:  See positive change with all measurements

Goal 1A: 85%+ compliancy with Precision Nutrition (PN)
Goal 1B: Stick with PN and let it work for me.

**I did well with both of these – I had some challenging weeks but did arrive in the 85-95% compliant range for all weeks of the challenge.  I also stuck with PN and discovered that (not so shockingly) it worked! 🙂  Meal planning got less tedious as the weeks passed, although I did find myself eating a lot of the same things.  Surprisingly though, this didn’t seem to bother me much.  The same lunch everyday took the guessing out of it for me and still managed to taste good in week five!

Goal 2: Workout 5x/week

Goal 2A: Attend kettlebell classes 4x/week
Goal 2B: Workout 1/x week outdoors (stadium stairs, track workouts, and/or kettlebell work).  I need to train outdoors to prepare myself for RKC in August.

**I had no problem getting in 4 workouts/week.  Usually the number was closer to 6-7.  I typically work out with two other ladies on Sunday mornings outdoors.  I didn’t always manage to get these workouts in because by the time Sunday came around, we were all exhausted and needed the rest.

During week four, I was super stressed out with work and my body began to send me some huge signals that I was taking on too much.  It was a very frustrating time for me, I started to feel pain in my back, neck, and knee…and I freaked out when my trainers suggested I take it easy.  It goes without saying, but as the RKC draws closer, I am getting more and more nervous – especially when it’s time to rest!  I learned a big lesson in weeks 4-5 about trusting and listening to my body.

Goal 3: Only consume zero calorie drinks

Goal 3A: Choose water or green tea over diet soda

**This could’ve been improved upon, but I did only consume zero calorie drinks (diet soda included) and occasionally some milk.  No high calorie coffee drinks or anything like that during the challenge.

Goal 4: Prepare food in advance

Goal 4A: Eat at home whenever possible (grocery shopping and cooking meals for the week on the weekends, if possible)

Goal 4B: If I have to eat out, only do so 1x/week

Goal 4C: Take my lunch to work daily

**Eating at home improved a lot and it was actually a welcome change!  We are grilling lots more now than we did before and I’m loving all of the grilled meat and veggies we have for dinner!  Even though we cut back on our eating out, I still did manage to go out more than 1x/week – we are jimmy johns junkies (even though I have found and LOVE their unwiches!).  Taking my lunch to work improved lots as well 🙂  Something I will definitely continue as I start summer school next week!

All in all, I am pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish in five short weeks.  Here are the numbers via skin calipers and girth measurements done by my trainers.

Week One:

Percent Bodyfat (%BF) 30.7
Fat Mass 67.2 lbs.
Lean Mass 151.8 lbs.

Week Three:

Percent Bodyfat (%BF) 29.7
Fat Mass 63.6 lbs.
Lean Mass 150.4 lbs.

Week Five:

Percent Bodyfat (%BF) 28.1
Fat Mass 60.0 lbs.
Lean Mass 153.8 lbs.

Challenge Totals:

Change in Bodyfat (%BF) -2.6%
Change in Fat Mass -7.2 lbs.
Change in Lean Mass +2.0 lbs.

Skin Caliper Measurements (in millimeters)

Abdominal -5
Tricep -2
Chest -2
Mid-Axillary -6
Subscapular -3
Suprailiac -1.5
Thigh -2

Tape Measure Girth Measurements (in centimeters)

Neck -.75
Shoulder -4
Chest -2
Right Arm – no change
Waist -7
Hip -2.5
Right Thigh – no change
Right Calf -1

Be on the lookout for a new post sometime soon about a new ‘Fitter by the Fourth’ challenge!  This one isn’t organized by my gym and trainers, but more of a personal challenge to keep myself accountable!  Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend!  It was much-needed on this end! 🙂

My school’s PTA had a Chinese buffet last week to honor us teachers since we are in the last few weeks of school.  Anyone who knows me knows of my strong distaste for Chinese food but I don’t ever pass up the opportunity to have a fortune cookie!  I was more than surprised when I opened it up because I don’t think anything could be more fitting at this point:

This has not been my week.  My full time teaching job has me super stressed.  Combine this with the hyper-awareness of the weeks ticking down until the RKC and my general outlook on life lately has been pretty grim.  I knew it was only a matter of time until I encountered a setback.  Training consistently for 5-7 days/week for the past 10+ weeks is finally catching up to me.  The stress combined with my lack of rest has landed me with some shoulder/back/ankle asymmetries.  Basically my ability to move in the way I so desperately want to is limited (and it hurts)!

Following tonight’s workout, I had a heart to heart with my trainers (thanks guys).  They adamantly tried to reiterate the good things I’ve accomplished and the transformation I’ve made for myself in one short year…and all I could do was negate every single comment they made.  Mark “paid it forward” as he put it, because he had the same come to Jesus talk with his trainer while training for RKC.  Basically they reminded me that a RKC instructor is smart enough to know when to back off…and that maybe my body was sending me huge signals that I’ve been choosing to ignore.  In short, I was told that I need to know when to give it a rest.

Can I just say that this concept, while it makes perfect sense logically, scares the crap out of me?  It makes me laugh because a year ago, I couldn’t be forced to get off the couch and exercise and now I’m being told that I’m doing too much!  I feel like I’m in a race with the clock – 13 weeks – and I need to accomplish xyz during that time frame and lose x pounds and taking time off will only deter me from reaching my goals, right?  RIGHT?!

You know as well as I do that the above statement is absurd.  Rest days when intentional and part of a training plan are smart and usually lead to bigger gains and less injuries!  I think it’s important to note that taking time off to rest does not equal doing nothing!  Doing nothing is how I got to be out of shape in the first place.  See, I know all of this stuff, it just somehow manages to escape me at the moments I need it most 🙂

After some tears and some freaking out, I sat down to write out my goals for what I want to have accomplished before RKC and strangely enough I have already accomplished my goals and just need to maintain.  Sure, I would like to lose some weight, but it isn’t really a priority at this point – I know it will come naturally with the improvements I’ve made in my diet.  I could improve my teaching techniques and the time on my snatch test (and I will), but I can already do these things, they just need fine tuning.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I should be celebrating!  I have the strength to accomplish the snatch test, the endurance to last through some pretty grueling grad workouts, and I’ve already passed the flexed-arm hang.  I can do great things with some heavy ‘bells.  Yet I continue to think thoughts such as “what if I’m not ready?”, “what if everyone else there is already a full-time trainer and I stick out like a sore thumb?”, “what if I don’t look the part?”, “what if I just spent $1500 and I fail?”.

Self doubt happens to everyone….especially when up against an injury or setback.  However, it’s how you choose to respond to these thoughts that make all the difference in the world.  All too often people will give into their doubts and hold themselves back from accomplishing great things!  Our barriers, excuses, and doubts always seem legitimate when we’re creating them.  However, none of these doubts or excuses hold water.  Everyone has a life situation that might make their goal more difficult — lack of education, lack of money, lack of confidence, injury, etc. — but if you focus on those, you’ll do nothing.  And if you think going after your goal seems risky, doing nothing can be even riskier.

Susan Su wrote about the risk of doing nothing and she states the following (about getting rich, but it applies here too!):

‘Nothing’ is not innocent. It can carry huge potential risks. Remember opportunity cost from basic economics class? There are opportunity costs with everything that you’re currently doing — including nothing. Doing nothing might be your most threatening risk precisely because it’s so invisible. It’s invisible, but we can still measure it.

Doing nothing seems to be completely unrisky — it’s sort of like hunkering down in a bomb shelter. What could possibly happen to you in there? Probably nothing. But even ‘nothing’ has a cost. If you do nothing — or if you hunker down in a bomb shelter — you’re probably safe, but you’re also missing out…on a lot.

I have quickly come to the conclusion that doing “nothing” and standing still is some pretty scary stuff.  I set a goal for myself and I’ll be damned if I let myself miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime just because I manage to psych myself out mentally.  I am moving forward and even though I’m not moving at the pace of my choice (due to these minor injuries), progress is progress.  As long as you are moving forward and taking the right steps to get you toward your goal, you should be satisfied that you are moving in the right direction.  With that said, I am going to start listening to my body’s signals and start taking good care of myself – my body has been sending me some very strong signals lately.  I have already accomplished great things and although I will be moving forward at a slower rate, I am doing something – I am making progress.  Who wouldn’t be satisfied with that?

A Year of Awesomeness

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Happy 1 year kettlebell anniversary to me! 🙂  One year ago today I walked in to SG Human Performance (SGHP) for their orientation class and what an awesome year it has been!  I am now an HKC instructor and I am teaching my first solo class tonight! 🙂

Discovering SGHP was a blind move on my part.  I Googled “omaha bootcamps” and they popped up in the search results and are located only a mile away from my home.  I did my kettlebell and FMS research before I agreed to the orientation, which I found to be very intriguing.  One of the things that sold me was the FMS screen- it sounded very neat and the more I thought about it, who wouldn’t want someone to take a look at you and the way you move before you get thrown into the workout?  They screened me for imbalances and I am 100% sure it prevented me from potential injuries!  Not only that, but they gave me exercises to work on to improve the way I move.  I quickly found that those exercises were a workout in themselves and make me burn calories like none other!  Awesome; I get to improve the way I move and break a sweat at the same time!

Another one of my biggest concerns when I started was whether or not I’d meet anybody at the workouts and click with them.  I’m not one of those girls who wants to stand around chatting instead of breaking a sweat,  but I do crave like-minded people to keep me motivated.  I want to surround myself with these people so we can inspire each other and push each other to new limits.  I’m happy to say I got all of this, plus more.  The people at SGHP are hands down, the most genuine, inspirational people you will ever meet.  They are cheerleaders and a swift kick in the butt when you need it most.  Mark, Nikki, and the clients at SGHP have turned into some of my greatest friends.

I am so grateful for everything that has happened over the course of the last year.  Outside of classes, I have been tested emotionally in some big ways.  However, I now feel like I have the tools and discipline to help me overcome.  I’m making tremendous strength gains and starting to teach classes, but I’m also learning lessons much more important than that.  I have learned about my worth and self confidence this year – I am a very strong girl who is capable of doing and lifting great things.  I am more accepting of myself and others; I make time to stop and celebrate myself and my accomplishments.  I am genuinely happy and loving ME.  That is a lesson that you can’t put a dollar amount on.  THANK YOU SGHP! 🙂

If you’d like to read more specifically about what I’ve accomplished over the past year as far as strength gains and fat loss, please see this post here.  Since then, I’ve lost about 25 lbs. in two months (not sure on actual fat loss amounts), rediscovered my cheekbones, and can knock out a 15 second hang with no assistance 🙂

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my new home on the net 🙂  I was having formatting problems with my old blog as well as some other glitches that were super frustrating, so I finally made the move over here!  I moved over all of my old posts, but if you’d like to check out the old blog, it can be found here.

I promised updates on the summer challenge and I realize I am slacking a bit!  Week one went super well, I lost about 2-4 lbs. and was feeling great about myself in the days preceding the HKC.  After the HKC, I indulged in some alcohol on both Saturday and Sunday and this week hasn’t been as great as far as nutrition compliance goes.  I’ll update further below (updates are in blue)

Goal 1:  See positive change with all measurements

Goal 1A: 85%+ compliancy with Precision Nutrition (PN) Week one was great, I was about 93% compliant.  This week, I am not as compliant, but it definitely could be much worse.  With the exception of one meal at Chili’s last night, I have not made horrible food choices, they just aren’t compliant with Precision Nutrition.

Goal 1B: Stick with PN and let it work for me.  I need to remember this.  I tend to want to add other things I know work and follow a “hybrid” version of PN, and that’s not OK at this point.

Goal 2: Workout 5x/week

Goal 2A: Attend kettlebell classes 4x/week Doing well with this – I am working out 5-6x/week

Goal 2B: Workout 1/x week outdoors (stadium stairs, track workouts, and/or kettlebell work).  I need to train outdoors to prepare myself for RKC in August. Tomorrow is our outdoor workout! 🙂 I need to get on top of things today and plan what we’re actually going to be doing!

Goal 3: Only consume zero calorie drinks

Goal 3A: Choose water or green tea over diet soda – Doing very well.

Goal 4: Prepare food in advance

Goal 4A: Eat at home whenever possible (grocery shopping and cooking meals for the week on the weekends, if possible) – This area needs to improve for next week.  I have all kinds of ideas, but I haven’t taken the time to make the things I need.  I had a crazy and out of routine start to my week!

Goal 4B: If I have to eat out, only do so 1x/week Definitely room for improvement here

Goal 4C: Take my lunch to work daily Difficult this week with Monday/Tuesday spent at trainings – with some extra planning, I could’ve very well accomplished this goal


I am pretty happy with the way things are going, although I know I have lots of room to improve.  This weekend I am going to spend some time working on food prep, stocking my kitchen, and planning out my meals and workouts (outside of classes).  I am aiming for less non-compliant days and more eating at home – I think the two will go hand in hand! 

I feel better about myself this week!  I’m trying not to get on the scale so much and am instead gauging progress by the way my clothes fit.  I’m feeling great and am looking forward to my measurements on Wednesday 🙂

Crosspost from my old blog: May 2, 2011

Long story short, I am a 5’10” female who still needs to lose 35-50 lbs.  Long levers + extra weight = harder work for the pull-up/flexed arm hang!  With that said, I successfully went from absolutely zero specific training to passing the flexed arm hang in six weeks!  At the HKC, I quickly found that not only was the flexed-arm hang a mental battle for ME, but my thoughts and fears resonated in nearly everyone other woman there!  With that said, I decided to share what I did in those six weeks of training in the hopes that it will help another HKC/RKC hopeful along the way.

For those of you women who find yourself in a similar position when up against the flexed arm hang – possibly feeling intimidated and doubting yourself, you can do it!!!  When I tried to google things to help me prepare and train for the hang, I kind of came up empty-handed.  Armed with a few tips from my trainers, I developed my own training plan.

I started from scratch, never attempting a pull-up or hang since high school PE when we had to do the Presidential Fitness Test.  Please realize that I was extremely dedicated and trained very hard, every day for this.  I’m sure my trainers got a good laugh out of it because I surprised myself with every single attempt I made.  It was fun to be constantly making tangible progress and I really came to appreciate my body and the things it was capable of.  I tend doubt myself by nature and in no way did I actually think I’d have accomplished what I did in such little time. As far as nutrition goes, I continued to eat well, following the guidelines of Precision Nutrition and lost about 10 lbs in those 6 weeks, which I’m sure helped a little bit too.

Here is a list of the things I did in the six weeks before the HKC:

1.  Practiced planks everyday, several times a day – making sure that my hands were in fists facing me (like they would be for the hang), activating the lats, squeezing my armpits, pulling the shoulder blades down and back as much a possible, to simulate the real thing.

2.  Before and after kettlebell classes, I would practice on a pull-up bar with resistance bands for assistance.  When holding myself up, I was sure to pull as hard as I could with my lats – squeeze and pull those muscles and you’ll stay up above the bar longer.

Each week I found myself making significant progress:

  • 6 weeks out: I used 2 heavy resistance bands and could barely hold myself above the bar for 3 seconds
  • 5 weeks out:  I used 2 heavy resistance bands and worked my way up to 7-10 seconds
  • 4 weeks out:  I used 2 heavy resistance bands for the full 15 seconds. Dropped to 1 heavy band and 1 medium band and got the full 15 seconds later that week
  • 3 weeks out:  I used 1 medium band for the entire 15 seconds.  By Saturday, I was not yet able to move to the light resistance band
  • 2 weeks out:  I took Sunday-Thursday off, while continuing to do the planks and HKC workouts on my own (it was off week for kettlebell classes).  I purchased my own pull-up bar on Friday and was able to hang for 3-5 seconds completely unassisted! (I completely bypassed having to use the light resistance band!)
  • 1 week out: Unassisted for up to 11 seconds on Monday.  Wednesday, Dave Whitley was in town and worked with me – he really woke up my lats and I practiced a lot that day with resistance bands as I was pretty wiped out.  Thursday, I was only able to complete 10 or so seconds unassisted and really began to doubt myself.  I took Friday off completely (day before the HKC)
  • Day of HKC:  I initially failed the hang the first time – with 14 seconds!!!  That lit the fire within and after we had practiced and worked on swings and get-ups, I felt ready to attempt it before we took a break for lunch and passed with the full 15 seconds

Keep practicing and don’t lose faith!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :)  Since I never really gave a full update of the HKC as it was a pretty busy weekend here, I’ll tell you it was awesome and I passed!!!  In fact, all thirteen of us passed, which was pretty amazing and doesn’t happen very often!  We hosted dinner here at our house last night for my trainers, Dave, and his wife, and had the privilege of watching him tear my phonebook in half!  Haha!

I can’t really put my feelings about the HKC into words, but I’m extremely proud of myself and can’t wait to begin teaching classes!  It feels so damn good to commit to a goal and put everything you have toward it – I definitely saw the results of my hard work pay off on Saturday and I am ready for the next chapter in this journey – RKC here I come!


Peptalk and Reflections

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Crosspost from my old blog: April 29, 2011

Tomorrow is HKC!  I am so pumped up and ready to demonstrate all that I’ve been working on for the last year! :)  I am only about 2 weeks away from my kettlebell anniversary!

I broke down a few nights ago after meeting Dave Whitley and having him work with me during class.  It was a very humbling experience, to say the least!  To be perfectly honest, the man straight up intimidates me.  I felt honored that someone of his caliber (Master RKC!) spent time correcting my get-up and flexed-arm hang, but I also began to doubt my abilities and myself.  To get things straight – he didn’t make be doubt myself – my own insecurities just got the best of me.

I went home after class that night and emailed my trainers a bona fide “SOS” email – I was freaking out in a big way.  I was a mess – my confidence was shot.  I was doubting myself, the flexed-arm hang, my form on the get-up, and everything in between.  But now that I’m sitting here, 10 hours away from the cert, I am in a much more positive place, ready to reflect upon the past few months.

When I started kettlebells in May of 2010, I would’ve never pictured myself teaching a kettlebell class…although having a place in the health/fitness industry has always been a pipe dream of mine.  As each week of kettlebell bootcamp came and went, I began to rediscover myself.  I was in awe of my increasing strength and my confidence soared!  It took a night of over-indulgence in Vegas for me to spill my guts about wanting to do HKC/RKC, but since then, it’s been a whirlwind of a ride.

Tomorrow, I will join twelve others here for the Omaha HKC – the last thing Dave told me as I left the workout on Thursday, was “have fun getting nervous”!  I was nervous, but now my confidence has kicked back in gear and I’m ready to tackle tomorrow head on.  I know I’m up for a long, hard day tomorrow, but I plan to tackle it as I would any other workout.  It is just another day, kicking ass and taking names :)

I love this reflective piece.  It’s so nice to be able to see results!  Especially with all of the hard work I’ve put into training for the hang in the past six weeks.  When I knock out those 15 seconds tomorrow, I might just have to hold back the tears.  I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this:  I officially signed up for RKC San Diego today!  I’m aware that I will be very busy this summer and I’m prepared for the challenge that training for RKC will bring!  Everything is finally falling into place.  My nutrition is finally on target; I’ve lost 10 lbs in April and am fitting into some of my college and high school jeans!  2011 is my year!

Crosspost from my old blog: April 25, 2011

Today marks week one of SG Human Performance’s Sexy for Summer Challenge!  The contest is five weeks in duration and awards points for adhering to the principles of Precision Nutrition (PN), working out, and seeing positive change in your measurements!  My plan is to blog about my experience – the ups/downs, setbacks, and successes!  I have to admit, I am super excited now that my husband has signed up and is on an opposing team.  You see, I might just be a little competitive…;)

With that said, here are my goals for the next five weeks:

Goal 1:  See positive change with all measurements
I am on a fat losing mission!  I have developed an unhealthy relationship with my scale and on many occasions, I have found myself letting the numbers dictate how I felt about myself.  I am NOT a number.  Also, the scale once had the power to turn a good day into a bad one, which is absurd, and will no longer be happening.  I might just hide the scale for the duration of the five weeks, we’ll see.

Goal 1A: 85%+ compliancy with Precision Nutrition (PN)

Goal 1B: Stick with PN and let it work for me.  I have had a problem in the past with abandoning programs before they had a chance to work.  I get impatient or am not seeing results “quick enough” or somehow convince myself that “I’m doing everything it takes”, when in reality, I’m not even coming close.  I will follow PN by the book for the entire five weeks.  If I need to re-evaluate then, I will do so, but not a day before.

Goal 2: Workout 5x/week

Goal 2A: Attend kettlebell classes 4x/week

Goal 2B: Workout 1/x week outdoors (stadium stairs, track workouts, and/or kettlebell work).  I need to train outdoors to prepare myself for RKC in August.

Goal 3: Only consume zero calorie drinks

Goal 3A: Choose water or green tea over diet soda

Goal 4: Prepare food in advance

Goal 4A: Eat at home whenever possible (grocery shopping and cooking meals for the week on the weekends, if possible)

Goal 4B: If I have to eat out, only do so 1x/week

Goal 4C: Take my lunch to work daily

What you can expect to see on Mondays: (hopefully!!!)

  • A post about my week and how I did adhering to my above goals
  • Progress in measurements – I will complete the tape measure girth measurements weekly, but I need assistance with the skin fold calipers, so those will only be every other week.
  • Possibly some pictures.  I took my pictures this past weekend in a pretty hot bathing suit – the same one that I have pictures of myself in from September and January.  When comparing, I’m pretty happy with the changes, but I know that tightening up my nutrition will allow me to see more rapid results as far as body composition goes.  My body responds VERY well to carb timing, and I’m excited to get back to PN.  I’m still a little nervous to post pictures of myself here – especially with the number of blog hits I’ve been getting lately, but I’m sure they’ll make their debut sometime in the near future

I’m off to get some groceries and do some food-prep before kettlebell class tonight!  So nice to be on spring break!  Hope you all had a great Easter and thanks to all of you who have been stopping by lately!  I really appreciate all of the love :)


Dear Trainer

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Crosspost from my old blog: April 19, 2011

Dear arrogant lead-trainer at my local big box gym,

I haven’t thanked you for reaffirming the fact that I hate cookie cutter gyms and trainers.  When I sat down with you ten months ago, you tore me apart.  Instead of asking me about my goals and building my capacity, you drilled me with all of the negative things that I already knew.  You called me dangerously out of shape and you picked apart my kettlebell workouts that I was proud of and told me (without seeing them!) that they weren’t “dynamic” enough – that I had to supplement extra cardio.

I am the one who got in your face today when you told me I couldn’t wear my vibrams.  Heaven forbid I drop a kettlebell on my foot and be a liability for you.  Give a girl some credit.  I just would like to point out how horribly difficult it is to swing a kettlebell in cushy tennis shoes.  I’d much rather drop a bell on my foot than damage my back during swings.  Of course you should know this, you claimed that yourself and your entire staff are certified to teach kettlebells.  Glad i could be vocal enough for you to let it slide “this time”.  Guess the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

It’s kind of odd for a gym that’s kettlebell certified to only have four kettlebells.  Not to mention, four bells that are so rough and thick that they tore up my hands – hands with a year’s worth of kettlebell experience.  Also funny that three of your trainers came over to me and asked me what I was doing during the turkish get-up and asked ME to walk THEM through it!!!  For the future, no I do not need a spotter, thank you very much.

I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on doing any snatching today, but when I had your (and half of the training staff’s) undivded attention, I just couldn’t resist showing you just what a dynamic workout looks like.  The look on your face at the end of the ten minutes told me everything I needed to know.  I hope my kettlebell workout that you and your fellow trainers couldn’t keep your eyes off of was “dynamic” enough for you!

If you ever decide that the stability balls, crunches, and pink dumbbell flys aren’t working for you, I know a few great kettlebell trainers that could teach you and your staff a thing of two.

The “Dangerously Out of Shape” girl